Workshop 6: One-to-One Wireless Laptop Laboratory Teacher Debriefing

Teachers discuss how applying new strategies in a one-to-one wireless laptop environment impacted classroom teaching and student learning.
How do you think these new strategies transform the learning environment and enable students to interact in new ways?

Follow-up activity: Select a 21st century teaching strategy, implement it in your classroom using the one-to-one wireless laptop cart. You will complete a Technology-Enhanced Lesson Implementation Sheet as a reflection on the outcome of using your selected strategy. Use of the Student Response System(SRS) is encouraged and assistance will be provided for the use of this system.

Technology-Enhanced Lesson Implementation Fillable PDF

The following are examples of technology-enhanced lessons from 2007-2008.


1) Judi Allen & Michele Magner

Lesson: Pearl Harbor and the American Reaction
21st Century Skills: Research and Information Fluency, PowerPoint, Student Response System, Wiki

Malden High School laptop carts
Teachers setup laptops and Student Response System

Allen awaits her students' response to a question on F.D.R.'s famous speech.
Closeup of student using Q4 remote to respond to question.

All photographs by Robert Simpson.

2) Greg Hurley

Lesson: Title: Brooks v. Sumner: A Congressional Boxing Match
21st Century Skills: NETS, Creativity and Innovation: Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Wiki, concept mapping (Inspiration), & laptops

3) Rick Tivnan & Michele Magner

Lesson: Supreme Court
21st Century Skills: Research and Information Fluency, PowerPoint

4) Jamie Green

Lesson: Atomic Bomb Debate

Year 2 - 2008-2009
DanaMarie, Rebecca, Ann and Ben

5) Dana Marie Brown

Lesson Title:

6) Rebecca Johnson

Lesson Title:
Should We Drop It?

7) Ben Max

Lesson Title:
The Election of 1860

8) Ann Pember

Lesson Title:
Abolistionist Speeches


1) Eileen McLaughlin
Lesson: Mock Trial
Mock Trial: Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti

2) Nick Tucci
Lesson: 2008 Election
2008 Election Lesson

3) Matt Gardner
Lesson: The Great Depression
The Great Depression


1) Carolyn Macwilliam
The Cuban Missile Crisis
September 11 WebQuest

2) Robert D'Agostino
Founding of Israel/Palestine