Workshop 5

District Facilitators: Molly Laden, Robert Simpson, Dianne Stratton

1-to-1 Wireless Laptop Laboratory

21st Century Curricula (30 min)

1. Project-Based Units - Developed by teachers in the Teaching American History Grant Project, Voices Rising

2. WebQuests

3. Identifying 21st century skills

Web 2.0 - How could these tools be used to promote student learning? (90 min)

4. Inspiration 8.0 (30 min)

5. Wiki (30 min)

6. Podcasts (30 min)

  • The Podcast Factory - Each district has one to experiment with podcasting.
  • Example of student Podcast
    Committees of Correspondence Podcast MP3
  • Teachers will create a short podcast beginning with an introduction and describing the 21st century learning strategy they will try with their students using the laptops and/or other technology tool:
    Hi, I'm ______, a  High School History teacher in __________  MA.  ...
Medford Teachers discuss 21st century learning strategies they will try with their students in the one-to-one laptop environment:
Eileen McLaughlin

Jay Griffin

Matt Gardner

Nick Tucci

Taryn Ross

Malden Teachers
Robert Simpson Teacher Learning Center Director Introduction

Judi Allen and Michelle Magner

Jamie Green

Greg Hurley

Rick Tivnan

Pat Reeve - Suffolk University Historian

Judi Allen and Michele Magner Project Leaders 2008-2009
Ben Max

Rebecca Johnson

Ann Pember

Dana Marie Brown