Workshop 1

1. Introduction

a. Overview of workshops
b. Why implement a 1-to-1 laptop environment in my classroom?

2. Technology Self-Assessment Tool (TSAT)
a. What does the TSAT tell us?
b. What are the top three skills you would like to work on during the course of this workshop series?


a. What are the NETS?
b. Why are they important?
c. How do they impact my learning and teaching?

4. Article Concept Mapping

a. Working in small groups of 2-3 read one of the following;
i. Fitting the Pieces Together >> Successful Technology Integration with Laptops – Patricia Yost. Learning and Leading with Technology, November 2007.
ii. The State of Maine – Pamela Livingston. Chapter 3 book excerpt, 1-to-1 Learning Laptop Programs That Work, ISTE 2006.
b. Create a concept map outlining the major components of a successful laptop program.

5. Student Technology Survey
a. Review data collected using Survey Monkey from the Ferryway school’s HP Technology for Teaching grant.
b. What do you want to know about your students’ technology use?