Administrator Workshop II

I. Workshop I (Leadership and Vision) Topics

ISTE and NETS-S Overview
NETS-A (.ppt, handout)

II. Technology Self-Assessment Tools

Analyze Sample Administrator Technology Self-Assessment Tool

III. Activity: Use Scenarios to Identify ISTE National Education Standards for Administrators (NETS*A)

IV. Activitiy: Self-Assessment Activities for School Administrators

In small groups, complete Collaborative Learning and Teaching form

V. Explore PBU’s, Digital Samples

2008 Everett PBU's:
Lowell Mills, Faith Camplese, Connie Egan:

The Lowell Mill Girls: Working Conditions and Labor Movement, Diane Dideo, Ian Levine

The Boston to Lowell Connection, Marie Abbatinozzi and John Fergus

2007 Everett PBU's:
Religious Telerance in Early America, Ian Levine, Tara Mccarthy

Revolutionary Reactions, Mary Adams, Marena Cernigliaro, Nick Kain Holly Lannen John Westwater

Student Digital Examples:

VI. Use NETS-T to Develop Technology Integration Tool for Use in three (3) Classroom Observations