Administrator Workshop 1

I. Welcome/Introductions 5 min.

II. TechEd Education…A Lesson in History 5 min.

III. Grant Overview 5 min.

IV. Student Technology Use Activity 20 min.

What they think their (high school) students are doing with technology.

Which states currently have a 1-to-1 laptop program in place?


1. (3) I have a computer connected to the Internet at home.
a) 99%
b) 93%
c) 82%
d) 76%

2. (4) I open web sites on my computer at home.
a) 100%
b) 95%
c) 90%
d) 85%

3. (5) At home, students mostly communicate using:
a) e-mail
b) instant messaging
c) chat rooms
d) message boards
e) virtual worlds

4. (6) Choose the most common response:
When I use the computer I am:
a. Alone
b) With a brother/sister
c) With an adult
d) At a friend's house

5. (7) What is the most popular use of computers at home?
a) playing games
b) homework
c) music downloads
d) YouTube

6. (9) Choose the most common response:
I own or use on a regular basis:
a) desktop
b) laptop
c) cell phone
d) iPod

7. (15) When using the computer for school projects I . . .
a) work alone
b) sometimes work alone and sometimes with classmates
c) mostly work with classmates
d) always work with classmates

8. (16) I MOST like using computers at school for. . .
a) viewing webpages
b) working on school projects
c) playing games
d) writing assignments
e) learning mathematics


9. (17) Using Computers...

makes school more interesting
Opinion ---

V. Digital Students @ Analog Schools 10 min.

*Break 15 min.

VI. SRS Topics/Questions 15 min.

Everett Teachers Learn How to Use Qwizdom

VII. ISTE and NETS-S Overview 10 min.

VIII. NETS-A Discussion 10 min.

*Break 10 min.

IX. Living Their Lives Essentially Online 10 min.

X. Teaching 21st - Century Learners (December 17, 2007) 5 min.

Additional Resources
Offers practical, hands-on advice, real-world examples, lively contributions from practitioners, and invaluable tips and tools.

Frontline Growing Up Online
Scenario-based discussion - in your role how do your handle it.
Chapter 2 - A Revolution in Classrooms and Social Life (9min)

Steve Maher Interview - Social Studies Teacher

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